Partnering a Dinners2Connect Networking Dinner could be a great asset to your marketing efforts. Not only is it wonderful to co-host an event at a luxury venue it’s a chance for you to connect with your target accounts in a relaxed and intimate setting to build relationships with executives and boost your sales pipeline.


If you think your tools and solutions are a perfect fit for the communities we bring together at one or more of our Dinners2Connect meetings, please contact us to explore the possibilities!

Michael Samuel Customer Service Director European Conferences United

The benefits of partnering a Dinners2Connect Networking Meeting

Smart audiences
Dinners2Connect Networking Meetings allow you to connect with like-minded leaders who are aligned towards the same goals, which is to improve their companies and jobs. We bring together representatives of your target customers and in particular representatives of the companies facing challenges that your organization could solve. Together we can adapt the target group to your marketing needs and to your business solutions.

Smart concepts
Dinners2Connect Networking Meetings are designed to stimulate conversation and discussion, rather than forcefully selling a product or service. This creates a collaborative and insightful experience that participants can truly benefit from and enjoy. Discussions can be tailored to topics/trends relevant to you and your business, allowing leaders to talk about challenges they face or trends and innovations they see.

Smart venues
Dinners2Connect Networking Meetings are held in easily accessible locations and take place in the evenings, making it easy for executives to attend an event after work. Dinners are held in luxurious venues that create a relaxed environment for high-level networking to build relationships and provide attendees with an unforgettable experience. Our venues are carefully chosen so many attendees tend to stay a little longer than formal dinner times, allowing for even stronger bonding.


 How do you become a partner of a Dinner2Connect networking meeting?

 Please check the events agenda and check if your target audience is served in our plans. If so, please contact us to explore ways in which the dinner attendees and your organization could benefit from a partnership.


 Can European Conferences United organize a special dinner for us?

We do not normally organize events at the request of a partner, but you can always suggest bringing a specific community together. If it fits into our planning and strategy, we may consider your request to bring that community together with you as a partner.
For our existing dinners, in some cases we can tailor the dinners to the needs of the partner(s).

As a host of Dinners2Connect Networking Meeting, you can customize the prospective attendee list to fit your organization's business goals.


Partnership Packages

There are no standard dinner partner packages as these are tailored to the partner's needs and interests. However, the following ingredients are usually part of our packages;

  • Raising awareness and interest in your organization through our dinner invitation marketing activities
  • Building on-site branding at the welcome reception and inside the dining room
  • Providing content by gaining a speaking slot between the networking welcome reception and the main dinner at the round tables
  • Targeting invitations to key accounts your organization would like to meet and to do business with
  • Participating of several commercial representatives from your organization spread over the various dinner round tables
  • Seating and table hosting at tables with selected key accounts of the dinner
  • Using a range of follow-up opportunities to the executives who were present at the dinner

For more information please contact;